Oyster Point Academy is open and is operating on schedule.

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Program Description

Oyster Point provides intensive individual therapeutic services for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The program focuses on developing academic and behavioral skills through social, emotional, and sensory  integration.  Students learn to self regulate their behaviors through differentiated academic instruction and cultivate emotional intelligence using the concepts of Conscious Discipline. 

We offer a dedicated classroom with highly specialized and experienced staff to meet the unique and individual needs of students with ASD. A therapeutic sensory room adjoins the classroom, specifically designed with special lighting, sounds, and objects to stimulate the senses and help students remain focused on their education.  An adaptive curriculum assists our students with social and communication needs, in addition to the general curriculum teaching core content areas; Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History, Physical Education, and Social Skills.     

Sensory Integration

Research proves that when a child’s sensory needs are met, stronger nerve connections are created. Sensory integration of vestibular, proprioception, sight, smell, hear, taste, and touch allows the external stimuli to maximize their sustained attention and executive functioning. RISE at Oyster Point Academy (OPA) offers a very unique approach to assisting students with ASD.  Our sensory room integrates educational concepts and promotes the use of positive coping skills. The sensory integration promotes higher-level cognitive acquisition and processing; such as commutative language and problem solving skills. Our classroom also uses sensory play during social interactions and academic instruction to increase cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills and positive interpersonal relationships. 

Referral, Application, and Admission Procedure:

Students are referred through their placing home school district. The referring district will contact the Admissions Coordinator, Director of Ed, or the RISE Team to schedule a meeting to discuss the specifics of the program. The student must have had an IEP while in their traditional school and be at least 5 years of age. A copy of their IEP, and a summary of their previous educational difficulties must be submitted.